Community Sponsors

Olar Digital Photography has been by our side from the start. She has seen our children grow and has become a HUGE part of our families. She attends all of our events and generously takes photos and spends hours editing them. This is all done out of the kindness of her heart. We cannot thank her enough.

Our wonderful family from Northwood Funeral Home do so much for our Sault Ste. Marie community. We are so blessed that they host our Annual Breakfast with Santa and Trunk or Treat each year. The staff have become apart of our foundation. So kind and generous. They provide a calm, safe and festive atmosphere for our children to enjoy the holidays. We cannot thank them enough. 

J. Viotto and Company Inc. not only brings magic every Christmas for our children, they also sponsor throughout the year. We are so thankful to them. We are also blessed to have one of their staff on our board. P.S. Don't they make adorable elves?